Land Inc.

From small holder farming to large scale industrial cultivation

Land Inc. is an ambitious collective work that brought TerraProject to Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar, the Philippines and Ukraine to document an epical passage of humanity: the shift from family farming to large­scale industrial plantations.

After the 2008 food crisis, countries that rely on imports to satisfy internal food demand began acquiring or leasing fertile land from other nations to cycle food back to their internal markets, while private investors saw food and biofuel production as a new and booming commodity.

This rush for fertile lands had a series of repercussions. Because of land grabbing, indigenous people and farmers started to get displaced, losing access to their only source of livelihood. Monocultural large estates started replacing small­scale farms, reducing the biodiversity of locally grown crops. And with the expansion of the biofuel market, land and water were increasingly utilized to cultivate non­food crops. In many cases, this phenomenon had environmental impacts, such as deforestation, pollution and control over water resources.

Land business in the world

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